DrJ’s story no.10– [Hanoi & you]

The last 3 weeks, I did do many things that I haven’t done for such a long time in Hanoi. Enjoyable things!

Briefly, I have to say about someone I just met, a very new one but somehow I have a strong feeling that she is familiar with me. She is kool in everything that I could imagine, joyful with shining smiles, gorgeously beautiful (i’m quite sure about that cause she meets my standard )and the most important thing is that she is such an adventurous girl, that means whatever I showed her, she would try, maybe because she believes that I wouldn’t do anything harmful to her or maybe I would surely give her enjoyable moments.

She comes from England, a medical student of Oxford University, that sounds great, but in fact, which means language barrier gave me so many troubles, I didn’t use English that much since I went to university, I could hardly express my feelings, my thoughts, and sometimes I felt so lame that I suddenly stopped while talking, or kept such a serious face most of the time, though I could have made a poker or silly face instead, like I used to play jokes on my Vietnamese friends lol.

Anyway, she did something impressive to me, but maybe she didn’t notice it. She inspired my love for Hanoi so much, yeah, it just gets so much bigger, and even my desire of exploring gets bigger too…

The day she came to Nation Hospital of Pediatrics was also my first day at work as an official doctor, which makes me feel that her apperance has  some special meanings, besides, after hanging around with her in Hanoi, I decided to go with her to many places that I haven’t been to for such a long time. I surely love to be there so much, I like to explore Hanoi at its very smallest corners, but my friends usually don’t have time for that, even my closest friends are not so interested in that at all,sometimes they feel fine with just sitting at the cafeteria and chatting about how our lives are going on. And people always say Hanoi is too small…

It’s true, but it’s still worth exploring such a nice place like Hanoi. That’s the thing I want to do with Alex.

Museums are always so great. I like to study history at the museum, I would never skip classes if students could study at places like this. Alex are so interested in museums, especially VietnameseWomen’s Museum, that museum has changed a lot, it looks much bigger, well-organised but I feel it’s not enough due to my knowledge of this field, I really want to see more ^^

Vietnam National Museum of History  also got bigger too, I felt exciting at the Revolutionary Section. Sometimes I feel that I have been so old in the way of thinking, because not many young Vietnamese would do the same thing like me, they didn’t care much about the Revolutionary past, maybe because historical class is so boring or they find that unneccessary.  I’m not obsessed to that at all, I just love my country, the way it used to be and the way it is right now, and when you love something, you really want to understand about that thoroughly, to answer the question why it becomes like this or what we should do with the future?

Alex’s been to almost every Museum and historical place in Hanoi, Temple of Literature, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Ho Chi Minh Museum (whom I admire a lot), Ngoc Son Temple… I did help her with the driving sometimes, but the most amazing part is that she knows quite well about any places she came, it’s not like doing research but yeah, she did search for the exact information, which I appreciate the most.

Due to my appreciation, I wanna say “thank you” her in a very simple way,  just try to give her the most enjoyable moments in Hanoi, and yes, we surely had.

We might come from two different world with very different culture, and maybe, at first, we both think that we  are just some interesting passers-by in each other’s journey, yeah, it’s probably right, but in the end, when the leaving time is fixed, I do feel a little bit regret. Though I’m not sure that Alex will feel the same thing, and it might take me such a very long time to meet that new friend again,afterall I still wanna say thank you to her once again.

I really like the way she always says Delicious or Ngon! while trying a new food, it’s very adorable,plus, i did try my best to give her basic understandings about Vietnamese gastronomy, street food, especially noodles, she likes that, which I’m so sure about, and that fact made me so happy …. She likes ô mai, bún bò, bánh đa cá, phở bò, bún ốc, chè, nộm bò khô, bánh gối, bánh giò, trứng vịt lộn …the spicy stuffs, or with gingers… she likes almost everything I gave her and I now remember her taste so well …

Alex is really smart and she easily catches up with something new, and her Vietnamese accent is good, but we don’t have time to practice :), and after a few days, I found out that sometimes we don’t need to use so many words to get each others’ ideas, maybe because both of us are so good at this kind of stuff and besides, we do have some connections in the way of thinking, that’s why …luckily she was into almost everything I showed her, so that I could think “thanks God, I did the right things again lol”.

I feel blessed, you can’t meet a girl with this kind of aura everyday in your life.

Ok, finally, I will miss her and the relaxing moments I had, right now I have no choice  but to head back to my work and focus on my exams, so much pressure… but I can handle it, I think.  Wish that she would be a good Pediatrician (of course I would be too) and we would be able to meet each other once again no matter where the meeting could take place 🙂

P/s: I should stick some photos with this to let myself realize once again how much fun I had in Hanoi and how beautiful this new friend is, but I would wait until I could get those photos.

=)) I’m supposed to use as much French as possible right now, not English… but it’s ok it’s worthy


With love from J.


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